Blue Springs Child Photographer: Tweens and Pre-tweens

It’s almost back-to-school time, which means it is almost time for those wonderful school photos. Ok, so I said that with some sarcasm, but when my oldest graduated from elementary school this past year and they presented me with a card with all of her school photos from kindergarten through 5th grade, I have to admit I had a new appreciation for these so-so photos. Still, they don’t always show your child’s personality or remind you of who they were at that age. That’s why I love the idea of Tween and Pre-tween sessions!

When babies are first born we take photos of every milestone. Sometimes even monthly photos to show how much they change and grow from month to month and how their little personalities are changing. But then, things tend to take a break. Sure, there are vacation photos, selfies, sport events, etc. to capture moments, but seldom portrait sessions until they are seniors in high school. That time in between sometimes seems like a blur with busy schedules and trying to balance fun, responsibilities, etc. It’s such an exciting time watching them try new things and figure out who they want to be though! I want to capture who they are at these fun ages. That’s why I have started doing some Tween and Pre-tween sessions with my kids.
I’m sharing this one that captures my son at 8 1/2 years old perfectly. We did this spontaneously today for some artwork for his new room plans. Messy hair and all of his favorite things…so him! Love them!

If you are interested in scheduling a Tween or Pre-tween session for your kiddos, contact me for more info!





Kansas City Engagement Photographer: Emily and Alex

I like to call this session “How to tell if your Photographer is having a crazy summer”. Emily and Alex actually WON this engagment session which is so exciting! I communicated with both of them by e-mail to get everything set up and scheduled for the session. They decided on the Plaza which is always a fun choice. It was CRAZY hot though. We decided to start by the famous J.C. Nichols Fountain so we met there. I saw a beautiful couple all dressed up and looking ready for a photographer and so I walked up to them and said “Emily and Adam?”. As soon as this came out of my mouth I realized that I just renamed Alex and I have no idea why. We hiked around the Plaza in the heat but you would never know it by how beautifully this couple photographed. Then I recommended we change it up a little by heading to “Kemper Museum”…you know, the one with the giant Shuttlecocks? Luckily they knew what I meant since I was actually talking about Neslon Atkins Museum. UGH. I blame it on the heat and one crazy summer but at least my brain being mush had no effect on their photos. 🙂











Blue Springs, Mo Engagement Photographer: Ashley and Chris

I had so much fun shooting this engagement session for this sweet couple. It’s been a hot and sunny summer so we were seeking the shade for sure! I can’t wait until their November wedding. It’s sure to be a beautiful day full of love (and cooler temperatures). Oh, and can you even handle the bride-to-be’s handsome son? He may still be single now, but when he gets a little older he is sure to have the girls chasing him. 😉








Blue Springs, Mo Family Photographer: Clarke Family

Wow! This session combined three of my favorite things! 1) Return Clients! I know I’ve said it so many times before, but my absolute favorite part of this job is watching families grow and change and seeing them again and again for different milestones. I have been lucky enough to join this family for their wedding, new baby, and family sessions! It is so obvious that as their family grows, so does their love.
2) A new location! I have many locations that I can recommend when a client contacts me and has no idea where they want to do their session. They are all tried and true and it can be handy already knowing where all of the “good spots” are at them, but I really love it when clients want to try a place I’ve never shot before. It’s like finding a treasure! Although sometimes it takes a little more walking to find the “good spots” for the first time, it’s almost always worth it. I can’t believe I didn’t even know this place existed!
3) Clouds (and even a little rain). As always, I had been watching the forecast for this session days ahead. I was a little concerned. It was supposed to be a sunny day with no clouds or rain. I was happy about the rain part, but I suspected this location was going to be out in the open and as any good photographer can tell you, full sun is not our friend. So I was a little surprised when a couple of hours before the session it POURED. I mean like “can’t see across the street” poured! I texted the family to see if they still wanted to give it a go and they were up for it. As you can imagine it’s not easy to get a family of 6 all together at the same time so they were more than willing to try and get this done that day. Thank goodness! It was the perfect day for great photos (well, other than the insane humidity and bugs that appeared). The light was great and I love the depth and contrast the slightly wet concrete added to the images.













Blue Springs, Mo. High School Senior Photographer: Camron

There were so many things I loved about this session. I loved how easy this Senior Guy was to work with and how he was a natural in front of the camera. I loved that we had a Cello! In the woods! I loved that we were able to capture both his Elementary School and childhood home in the same shot! I could go on and on, but I will let the images speak for themselves.