• Do you shoot in a studio?  I had a small studio in downtown Blue Springs for a year but quickly learned that studio photography was not where my heart was.  I love finding new backdrops for sessions in Mother Nature, Architecture, and sometimes unexpected places and felt too confined and limited shooting in a room.   Click on “Locations” to see examples of some of the locations I shoot at frequently.  I LOVE trying new locations too though.
  • Do you do Newborn Sessions?  I have had the honor and pleasure of shooting many newborn sessions since I started my business.  Although I am proud of my newborn portfolio and am so glad I have provided many families with beautiful newborn images that they will treasure forever…I am no longer scheduling newborn sessions.   While I loved newborn photography, I decided that in order for me to be my very best at it, I would have to specialize only in newborn photography and I didn’t love it enough to do that.
  • What camera do you shoot with?  My main camera is a Canon 5D mark III.  My back-up camera is a Canon 7D and many of the images you see on my website were taken with it prior to purchasing my 5D.  I bring both cameras to all weddings.  I also have several wonderful lenses.
  • Do you do headshots?  Nope.  While I believe there is definitely an “art” to taking a great headshot, it ‘s not the type of art that I enjoy creating.  A photographer who specializes in studio photography would be a better fit for your headshot needs.
  • Do you do “selective coloring” and other special effects?  You will find that every well-established photographer has his or her own style.  The images you see on my website and blog are great examples of my personal style of photography.  I tend to keep it pretty realistic and want people viewing the images to almost feel like they are there or could reach out and touch the subjects.  While I sometimes use extensive Photoshop skills to bring out the best in your images (add a little color to a dull sky, smooth skin a little, make colors more vibrant, or even swap a head here or there when taking photos of large groups and someone has their eyes closed in every image), selective coloring (a black and white image with only “selected” things in color) and other non-realistic special effects are not something  you will find in my body of work.
  • Do you give a discount for referrals?  YES!  I love referrals because I truly have the best clients I could imagine so I’m sure their friends and family are equally great!  Make sure they let me know you referred them when they call to set up their session and don’t be bashful about reminding me that you referred someone when you call to schedule your next session.   You will receive 15% off for each referral you send!